Why I Make Art

Neil Gaiman talks about success as a mountain – a beacon and a focal point, which gives us a direction when we start to lose our way. My mountain is two words, and I have begun to hear them: “me too.”

I make art because I want to have others see what I create and say “me too.”

“That resonates.”

“I have experienced this.”

“I know this pain.”

“I have felt this joy.”

“I do this myself.”

Me too.

Me too.

Me too.

My art isn’t just me. I draw from my own life and experiences but it isn’t just about mine. It’s about the connection I have to others like me. It’s about the connection we all have through life, through emotion, through heartbreak and triumph and fear and dreams.

So if you find yourself asking why I make art, you aren’t my audience. If you wonder why I model, why I write, why I paint (badly), you’re not the person I’m trying to reach. But if you see what I make and can say “me too,” my art is for you. It’s dedicated to you. It belongs to you.

And the day I stop hearing “me too,” I’ll check to be sure I’m still facing the mountain.


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