An open note to my Never-Hillary friends and family members

(I have many Never-Hillary-ers in my life. I have not spoken to many of them about their reasons for voting the way they did. This post is exclusively for those in my life whose reasons have been clearly communicated to me for years. If the shoe fits, etc.)

I know some of you have already caught onto the reality that you have been duped. I see it in your hesitation as you struggle to defend 45’s decisions up to this point. I see it in the fear in your face as you watch the GOP, confident of the ignorance and complacency of the rubberstamp they now have in office, walk back years of progress and take away your health care. I have watched some of you whisper about the possibility of homeschooling as his pick for Secretary of Education demonstrates her ignorance on important issues like students with disabilities and privatizing education. I know you see what’s happening, and I almost feel for you.

But at the end of the day, when 45 inevitably leads us into a war, or sends the middle class deep into poverty, or repeals incredibly important legislation that has made our country “great,” you will not be able to hide behind your “Never Hillary” crusade any longer.

It’s already infuriating to the rest of us that you deemed him to be the lesser of two evils, when his opponent was an exceptionally qualified, exceptionally educated, progressive, compassionate, experienced public servant.

It was already infuriating to watch you scramble to find reasons not to trust her. Latching on the conspiracy theories and plugging your ears with your fingers whenever the law of the land exonerated her from these ridiculous claims.

But if you think for a second that I am fooled by the claim that, despite his idiocy and degeneration, your real reason for electing him was because you couldn’t bear the thought of Hillary in office, I need you to give my intelligence a little more credit than that.

I spent decades sitting in your churches, listening to your pastors and leaders rail against the “abomination” of homosexuality. I watched you give money and support to organizations like Focus on the Family, knowing full well the flat-out genocide they were waging against gay youth.

I know you follow and support human garbage bloggers like Matt Walsh, transphobic pieces of shit who would rather see the 41% of transgender individuals who attempt suicide succeed then admit that there is a possibility that transgender people deserve his respect.

I have listened to your ignorant and racist comments about systems like stop and frisk. I watched you perpetuate damaging and horrible stereotypes about Muslims, even going so far as to vilify people of Middle Eastern descent without even knowing or caring whether or not they subscribe to Islam, let alone radical Islam.

I have watched you tolerate white supremacy, white violence against people of color, straight violence against the queer community, cis violence against transgender people. I have watched you sit passively back, shrug your shoulders, and admit that while rape is indeed a tragedy, maybe assault victims should “make better choices”.

I experienced sexualization at your hands from the earliest age, when you taught me that my body was inherently a sexual object that needed to be covered and concealed because men and boys were incapable of restraining their lust.

I listened to countless sermons about how wives should be “submissive” and available to their husband whenever he wanted them. About how men were to hold authority over women. That this was just the way God wanted it to be.

So yes, if you’re referring to her platform of tolerance, feminism, racial equality, compassion, the right to worship, and equal opportunities, Hillary was your worst nightmare. But that’s not why you voted for 45.

After years of listening to you support everything he took as his platform, if you think I’m going to believe he was just “the lesser of two evils” to you, you have another thing coming.

If I sound angry, know that it’s because I am. Know that it’s because you stared into the ugliest, clearest, most blantant face of everything I have heard you preach, and tried to distance yourself from that reality without attempting to change.

And as we enter this new era, when you try to roll back your decision and pretend like you shouldn’t be blamed because you “didn’t really support him” just know that I see right through you.

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